Flickrup Auto Upload

why Geotag/EXIF is missing?

    The following settings in the flickr account settings page need to be set to view the EXIF data.
  1. 1. Import EXIF location data [?] to Yes.
  2. 2. Hide your EXIF data [?] to No.

Auto-tag ?

    In Android, images are saved in folder/bucket based on photo generated app.
    For example, photos created by Flickr app will be stored under 'Flickr' name.
    This app uses the information to tag the photos in Flickr
    (in case if the user didnt populate the tag field in app settings).

Why Yahoo sign in?

    Flickr uses Yahoo signin(Yahoo owns Flickr). This app uses Oauth2.0 to authenticate
    with Flickr after installation once. After this the app wont ask for the credentials.

Does the app changes(reduce/compress) the size of images/videos?

    Images and videos are uploaded as it is.

Battery Usage?

    Below is a picture comparing power usage (generated using powerTutor app in Joules. Lower value is better)
    of DropBox, Amazon Cloud Drive and Flickrup App in idle state for 18 Hrs (in HTC DNA).